Maggie Lindemann — Knife Under My Pillow download video

Maggie Lindemann — Knife Under My Pillow

“Knife Under My Pillow” is the lead single to Maggie Lindemann’s debut EP, Paranoia. It is described as an 90s-style pop-rock song.

Maggie Lindemann tells about the song via Youtube Music: "I lived in this house for a few years, and I was always paranoid that there was someone in the house with me It was sort of driving me insane, to the point that I started keeping a knife under my pillow at night, so this song is very literal."

On her own podcast, “Swixxzaudio,” the singer went into more detail on a 10-minute-long episode about the paranoia that inspired the song.

Maggie also explained the meaning behind the track in an EP walkthrough with Sweety High: "Yeah, it’s based on my paranoia. When I was living in my old house, I had extreme paranoia. I would always have to call people and tell them to come over because I thought someone was in my house trying to kidnap me or something. So yeah, I used to literally sleep with a knife under my pillow."

In the walkthrough, Maggie picked out her favorite lyric: "'I know I made this call before, not crying wolf I’m pretty sure,' because I actually did this.

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