The Chainsmokers — Summertime Friends

I fell in love with this girl named Mari last spring which you probably know by now if you if you’ve been following this page for the last 6 months. A few weeks after we started hanging out i was in NYC in the studio and wrote this song called ‘Summertime Friends’ about the night we met. I had run into her at this party in LA (classic). We had known each other in passing for a couple years but never had a substantial conversation. She said hi to me at the bar where I was stuck making small talk with a couple I didn’t really know. She looked so beautiful, way out of my league, and in my memory, a foot taller than me. We stepped aside and ended up talking way too long and far too deeply for this type of party. She told me about her family, her ambitions, and that she didn’t believe true love existed. It was laughable how much we had in common. I remember thinking ‘how has it taking this long for us to talk?’ I think I knew then that we were supposed to be together.
Luckily I had the courage to ask for her number at the end of the night and luckily she was feeling open minded.

The songs ends there so I guess that makes this post a spoiler alert. I love writing about small moments especially ones with tension like this. I hope it makes you fee something.

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