Tina Turner — Private Dancer

Private Dancer is a hit single, recorded by Tina Turner, which was written by Mark Knopfler. It is the title track of Tina Turner's breakthrough solo album, Private Dancer. The song was one of Tina Turner's most successful singles, reaching number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 and it also peaked at number three on the US R&B/Hip-Hop chart, making it her second most successful single released on that chart behind "What's Love Got to Do with It?" which peaked at number two. The song had moderate international success, only reaching number twenty-six in the UK.

The track was originally going to be on the Dire Straits album Love Over Gold. After the song was recorded, however, the vocals were not added. Mark Knopfler considered that they were not suitable for a male to sing, so the track was cut from the final mix. Legal restrictions prevented the original recording from being used, so two years after it was recorded, the track was remade by Dire Straits for Tina Turner. The original drummer Pick Withers had been replaced by Terry Williams). Also, Knopfler did not feature on the track and was replaced by Jeff Beck.

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