Ariana Grande, The Weeknd — Love Me Harder

“Love Me Harder” was released on August 20th as a part of a promotional stream hosted by MTV. This highly anticipated collaboration with The Weeknd is much less a feature and much more a duet.

In this song, Ariana and Abel trade verses and interchange lines with one another on the chorus. For Ariana these lyrics are far from the innocence she brought with her in 2013 with her album Yours Truly.

For Abel, these lyrics might even be considered mild, as he is known for being more than a little bit explicit with his sexual exploits.

Together the two strong voices combine to create this hit-song about aggressive loving backed by a minimal but rhythmic instrumental provided by Max Martin. Read more on

The clip Ariana Grande, The Weeknd — Love Me Harder can be downloaded for free and without registration.

Size55.8 Mb
Duration4:10 min
Artists Ariana Grande , The Weeknd
Genre Pop
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