BLACKPINK — Pink Venom M/V

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Size 95,2 Mb
Permission 1920x1080
Duration 03:13 min
Format mp4
Artist Blackpink
Genre K-Pop
Year 2022

"Pink Venom" is the lead single from the group's sophomore studio album "BORN PINK".

Kicking off the song with an classic hip-pop beat and trap middle-eastern aesthetic, the melody is accompanied by traditional Korean instruments, including an gayageum. An gayageum (가야금), is a pluck zither, containing 12 strings. Additionally, the songs lyrics explores through the girls evil plan of attracting others into their dangerous-yet-lovely “Pink Venom”.

Noted as YG Entertainment’s highest-budget music video, it showcases the girls in multiple dark scenes with an antique-yet-mystical feel. Surprisingly, the music video also hides many easter eggs leading to BLACKPINK, which was noticed by fans.

"PINK VENOM" is the first single from the "BORN PINK" album, demonstrating the impact that BLACKPINK has on the music industry, entering the Top 1 Spotify Global.

BLACKPINK promoted “Pink Venom” globally with a light-up campaign in multiple areas of the world. Later, it was followed by the official “Pink Venom” choreography challenge. The music video had then also gained millions of views in under minutes, outselling multiple videos, and YouTube records.


Алима 22 october 2022, 05:46

Я зашла и скачала этот клип, он покорил сердце

Jeren 17 october 2022, 10:14


Муниса 09 october 2022, 02:52

Клип просто шикарно

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