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Madison Beer — Dangerous

In the second single from her sophomore studio album, Silence Between Songs, Beer uses “Dangerous” to reflect back on her relationships, with both her partners and herself. The alluring track glides over simplistic piano chords as it builds up before majestical strings explode in the final chorus.

During an Instagram Live on August 23, 2022, Beer added to the song and its meaning:

I’m currently in my third long-term relationship and I’ve done a lot of self-reflection over the last two years – a whole lot of therapy, a whole lot of spiritual endeavors, and just learning about myself. Part of that, for me, has been to reflect. There have been times where I was like, “Is it me?” When you’re, like, the common denominator in something, am I the trauma? It’s one of those things where I had a moment of self-reflection. Being the dramatic Pisces I am, I definitely had times thinking, “Maybe I’m unlovable?” and I think we all go through phases of that. I’ve learned through therapy and a lot of love for myself, that I’m not, and I’m not too dangerous to love, but this song is about that feeling when you’re in that headspace. Read more on

The clip Madison Beer — Dangerous can be downloaded for free and without registration.

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