Shakira — Objection (Tango)

"Objection" is the first song written by Shakira purely in English. It appears as the opening track on her first English language album, "Laundry Service." The song contains a rhythm which is quite similar to the Uruguayan-Argentinian tango "La Cumparsita". The song starts out as a classical tango with allusions to La Cumparsita, with a piano, accompanied by a contrabass, and a bandoneon. However, when the drums join in, it turns more into a latin rock song, with two e-guitars, and bass. Interestingly, the bandoneon (on the off-beat) turns into an accordion. In the music video, Shakira is later depicted playing an e-guitar.

The Shakira — Objection (Tango) clip can be downloaded for free and without registration.

Size117.46 Mb
Duration4:23 min
Artist Shakira
Genres Pop Rock, Tango
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