Nicki Minaj — Pills N Potions

"Pills n Potions" is about a deeply rooted love, amid all the bad decisions, distractions and hurt that has been caused. It expresses a strong determination to stand by the love, without letting feelings of anger and hurt get in the way. The chorus highlights this resilient spirit by repeating "I still love, I still love, I still love, I still love". Behind these words lie the realization that although things have been difficult and painful, the love is still present and still has the power to hold everything together again. The lyrics also speak to the fact that all relationships require work, forgiveness, and understanding in order to be successful. Despite all of the toxicity and hardships that come with a relationship, it is important to remember the love that is the foundation of it all.

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Duration4:22 min
Artist Nicki Minaj
Genre Pop
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Elikana Charles23 february 2023, 12:40

I gotta vibe

Alex18 february 2023, 13:35

Your looks nice like your music

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