Cole Swindell & Lainey Wilson — Never Say Never download video

Cole Swindell & Lainey Wilson — Never Say Never

Swindell, along with some other co-writers, came together to write the song "Never Say Never." He's been wanting to do a duet, and felt like Wilson was the right fit, especially for the song. Swindell shared that he texted Wilson about the collaboration and hoped she would be into it. Wilson shared on her side that she was on her first vacation in likely 10 years when she received Swindell's text about the collaboration. She was drinking a Piña Colada and read the text. It was a hard ask for her at first because admittedly Wilson takes a lot of pride in her own songwriting, so she doesn't record other people's songs very often. She confessed she's a stickler about that. After hearing the first verse and chorus of the song, it hit Wilson and she couldn't say yes quick enough. Her response was a big relief to Swindell when she said she loved it. The two of them did get into the studio together for the actual tracking of the song, but they did their vocals separate. While fans of Justin Bieber may note that "Never Say Never" is one of his big hits, Swindell admitted he didn't know that was the name of a Bieber song.

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