Lana Del Rey — Blue Banisters

"Blue Banisters" is a poignant and introspective song that speaks to the complexities of love, life and the passage of time.

The song touches on themes of nostalgia, memories and the passage of time. The song begins with a picture on the wall of the singer on a John Deere and a friend handing her a beer, reminiscing about an earlier time in Oklahoma. The flowers on the dresser symbolize a past relationship that the singer does not remember. She is haunted by the man in her past but is comforted by the thought of him being there for her.

The following verses tell of how Lana feels scared of the future and is unsure of how to be happy. She speaks of a man who said he would come back in May to help her paint her banisters blue, indicating that he would always be there for her. Blue could symbolize sadness and melancholy. The singer seems to crave love, connection, and stability, but she is also haunted by her past.

In the outro, the song speaks about the passage of time from summer to winter and the warmth of her sisters' love. The song seems to explore the singer's complicated relationship with the past, the future and her present, and how she relies on her past experiences to shape her future.

It is the second track from Lana Del Rey's eighth studio album of the same name.

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