Sabrina Carpenter — because i liked a boy download video

Sabrina Carpenter — because i liked a boy

“​because i liked a boy” is the fifth track on Sabrina Carpenter’s fifth album "emails i can’t send". The song deals with the perceptions and sometimes-harsh assumptions that she faced after fans made her into a tertiary villain in a Disney-actor love triangle with Olivia Rodrigo and Joshua Bassett.

Recounting her experience, Sabrina compares the innocence of her and Joshua’s relationship to the brutal reaction of the public, all because she liked a boy.

"That song came from a really real place in my life, so it didn’t feel right to not kind of write that song, but at the same time, I’ve had so many people that have heard it tell me how much they relate to it in their own way. Like, “I went through years where people were believing all these things that people were saying about me that weren’t true.“ People have experienced that similar situation in a completely different way than I’ve experienced it.
It was very therapeutic to write that song from hindsight and being like, “Wow, one thing leads to another and things can really get out of hand.” Just being able to own it at the end of the day, and not let it determine who you are. My favorite lyric in the song is “Tell me who I am, because I don’t have a choice.” It’s obviously sarcastic, but in the way that people can’t tell you who you are. Only if you allow them to, like really get under your skin, but truthfully, you know who you are."

– via Rolling Stone

"One of my favorite movies is Easy A, and I was sort of picturing Emma Stone’s character because she was labeled to be something. It’s a weirdly empowering film in a sense. She uses humor to deflect her pain and what she’s going through and I do that too. I think this song has elements of that too.

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