TWICE — The Feels

"The Feels" is the first full English digital single by TWICE. The digital single and music video were released on October 1, 2021.

After releasing English versions of their Korean title tracks to widespread global success, “The Feels” marks TWICE’s first original English single.

The nu-disco track is an addictive track with an intense bass sound and a disco synth beat. TWICE sing about the fluttering feelings of love at first sight. Through a brightly colored music video TWICE accurately presents these innocent feelings.

The track is co-produced by Korean producer, collapsedone who has worked with several JYP Entertainment artists including TWICE on their 2019 hit, “Feel Special”. The production team The Stereotypes and the Belgian DJ Yves V also recorded remix versions of the track.

The clip TWICE — The Feels can be downloaded for free and without registration.

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Duration3:51 min
Artist Twice
Genre K-pop

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