Boney M. — Daddy Cool

"Daddy Cool" is a song recorded by Boney M. and included on their debut album Take The Heat Off Me. It was a 1976 hit and a staple in disco music and Boney M.'s first UK hit. It was the second Boney M. single, released in May 1976 without making any major impact at first. It wasn't until a spectacular performance on the Musikladen TV show in September that the single became a hit, topping most European charts. It reached number six in the UK charts and number 65 in the United States Billboard Hot 100. The single also topped the German charts and reaching the Top 20 in Canada. It proved to be the major European breakthrough of the band.
"Daddy Cool" was a novelty gimmick record with an unusual, percussive intro by producer Frank Farian doing rhythmic tic-tic-tics and playing on his teeth with a pencil. Frank Farian's characteristic deep voice sings: "She's crazy like a fool..." ("visually" performed by dancer Bobby Farrell) and is answered by the bright voices of Liz Mitchell and Marcia Barrett: "...what about it Daddy Cool". The bass riff kicks in and builds to the instrumental theme followed by the repetitive, nursery rhyme-like verse and chorus twice.

The song breaks-down into a spoken passage by Farian before it goes back into the bass riff and repeats the verse and chorus for the last time. With its slightly hypnotic, repetitive bassline and strings and likewise repetitive, bright female vocals, the track is highly typical of mid-seventies "Munich disco".

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