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Savage Garden — I Want you

This was Savage Garden’s breakout hit. “I Want You” was released in North America in February of 1997, where it peaked at No. 4 on the United States Billboard Hot 100 and by April had achieved gold status according to the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It would also become a #1 single in Canada in June 1997, the first of three Savage Garden songs to top the Canadian charts.

It’s about a guy who is so taken with someone, he has to take a chance by approaching them, even though they seem to have a reputation. In the worlds of vocalist Darren Hayes:

“‘I Want You’ is a song about a dream about being in love with a male energy, and waking up and feeling sad that I knew there was a part of me that was missing.”

In 2016 the song was also used as the ending theme of the fourth part of the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime, Diamond is Unbreakable. On the choice for this song as the ending theme, Hirohiko Araki stated:

“This is a song where the rhythmic pattern represents the 90’s era in which Part 4 is set.

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