The Best 10 Music Videos Of 2021

The Best 10 Music Videos Of 2021

2021 was the really creasy year, look like a roller-coaster! Fortunately, that didn`t stop the emergence of wonderful songs and its music videos. Look at the best of the best in the last year.

10. Adele – "Easy On Me"

"Easy On Me" becomes the most streamed song in 24 hours, leaving behind "7 Rings" of Ariana Grande. It was quite expected, because Adele traditionally breaks all records every time she releases a new track. The video, released in October, has received over 200 million views and more than 5.5 million likes on YouTube.

9. Lil Nas X, Jack Harlow – "Industry Baby"

"Industry Baby" looks like a full prequel to his previous video "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)", where Lil Nas X caused real chaos, for which he was sentenced to imprisonment. Handsome men, choreographic performances and Jack Harlow in the flesh - not a bad prison, by the way! Currently, the video has received more than 270 million views and almost 7 million likes.

8. Doja Cat ft. SZA – "Kiss Me More"

Perhaps Doja Cat teamed up with SZA to create an infectious bop that everyone would love to see. And they did it, "Kiss Me More" became the song of the summer of 2021. Now the video has 3.8 million likes and almost 280 million views. But the real success became to them from the TikTok, where the soundtrack established a viral trend, thanks that the popularity of the video also increased.

7. Olivia Rodrigo – "good 4 u"

2021 has been a truly lucky year for Olivia Rodrigo. The third single from her debut album SOUR "good 4 u" reminded everyone of what teenage rage and anger at an ex who seems absolutely all right along. With over 320 million views, almost 6 million likes, and a couple of Halloween costumes from this video, Olivia Rodrigo ranks seventh!

6. Olivia Rodrigo – "drivers license"

The song that started it all saw the world in early 2021 and immediately conquered it. "Drivers license" turned Olivia Rodrigo from "that girl from the Disney musical" into a pop star. The track broke the Spotify`s record with over 65 million views in first week alone. Then the song became the absolute record holder of the year on the same service, gaining more than 1.1 billion streams. To date, the video has collected 330 million views, 7.9 million likes and also billions of broken hearts, singing along to the song every day.

5. Lil Nas X – "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)"

Lovers of hellish themes doesn`t pass by this video. "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)" is perhaps one of the most memorable videos of all time, and it left no one indifferent. According to the plot, Lil Nas is banished into the abyss of hell, where he goes on a giant pole, of course. As a result, there he seduces the devil and dances for him a lap dance. Truly exemplary behavior. Now the video has 419 million views and over 9.5 million likes.

4. Justin Bieber ft. Daniel Caesar & Giveon – "Peaches"

Hardly anyone thinks about where Justin Bieber gets his "peaches", in other word, hits from. This time it's a collaboration with Daniel Caesar and Giveon. The result was a contagious pop track that became the lead single of Justice album, which Bieber released in early 2021. Since its release on March 19, the video has garnered nearly 460 million views and 6.6 million likes.

3. Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak (Silk Sonic) – "Leave the Door Open"

A remarkable event of the last year was the emergence of a new superduo Silk Sonic. Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak have teamed up to stir people up with their catchy song "Leave the Door Open". And they managed to collect over 468 million views and almost 6 million likes. The song has an element of classic soul in a modern twist.

2. The Weeknd – "Save Your Tears"

Canadian musician The Weeknd holds the second position in most watched music video rating of 2021. "Save Your Tears" has nearly 662 million views, 5.4 million YouTube likes, and that doesn't include the remix he released with pop star Ariana Grande. And even though the song was released at the early beginning of the last year, it accurately describes our feelings for 2021.

1. BTS – "Butter"

With almost 665 million views since its release on May 21st, BTS's "Butter" is confidently leading the most watched music videos of 2021. Incredibly, the video has collected 20 million likes, and then had a remix with Megan Thee Stallion. The dance moves highlights well-known elements of K-pop, and we have to admit that BTS's fanbase has grown significantly in 2021, probably because their songs are so good!

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